Coming Soon Covers

In between actually trying to write my Works in Progress, I’ve been preparing my Coming Soon Covers. Always a tricky moment trying to decide what to call a book and what the cover will look like.

Most of my books have very simple covers. One exception is the Sailing Clear series which have multiple images merged together. The most complex was the cover to Counter mainly caused by the layering of the bullet holes. Pictures of bullet holes are not real…

So here is a glimpse of what might be out next if the creative juices keep going. I reserve the right to completely change my mind etc…

The Covers

Coming Soon Cover – T.I.D Part One Lines

A new sci-fi series – time travel if you couldn’t guess.

Coming Soon T.I.D Part 1 Lines Cover

Coming Soon Cover – The Case of Declan Williams

A crime story – background is a foam party in an Ibizan nightclub. Cover doesn’t suggest crime – I know.

Coming Soon The Case of Declan Williams

Coming Soon Cover – Sailor Knot

The 4th part of the Sailing Clear series although the title and base colour will probably change. Sail-or (k)not is too complicated but otherwise some might miss the word play. See how it might fit in with the three already published in a series collection on sale. Sailing Clear

Coming Soon Sailor Knot Cover

Other Works In Progress

Other covers are in draft and may or may not make the cut, like the stories. An ongoing process of deciding what is interesting. All long before the book is published let alone a narration or translation. See Coming Soon for regular updates

An Agent’s Prize in Audio Format

An Agent’s Prize is now available in audio format narrated by Stephen H. Marsden. This is Part Three of The Demise Trilogy which Stephen is also narrating. It is now available on Amazon UK, Amazon US, Audible UK, Audible USA, other Audible sites, and Apple.

An Agent's Prize ACX

An Agent’s Prize Audio Retail Sample

An Agent’s Prize Narrated By Stephen Marsden

The conclusion to the Demise trilogy.

The conspiracy is over the mistakes and cover up are hidden and buried for good. Both sides of the Atlantic can concentrate on the threats from Islamic Terrorism. That is what they all hope.

They want to enlist a hidden black asset in the chase, but there are risks to that approach. Meanwhile the FBI is still investigating what really happened.

Is the conspiracy really over?

Al Qaeda plan new atrocities and MI6 with Homeland Security will try to stop them.

The newly wed Michael Johnson can help but his wife is still recovering from her injuries and she is suspicious of her husband and the authorities.

From the streets of San Francisco to the suburban towns of England the terrorists are plotting an outrage.

Other Audio Books

All my audio books can be found here

Re-Semblance – Out Today

Out today the sequel to Semblance of Storms, Re-Semblance available in Kindle or Paperback format at Amazon UK, Amazon USA or other worldwide locations.

A novel of more mistakes and a near tragedy


The lies and actions have caught up with him. He’s banished from the beds of his lovers. They tell their own stories now.
The ramifications of his actions continue, even while he remains caught up in the activities of the authorities. He faces his legal and personal punishments with self-guilt.
He has a new home waiting for him on Emerald Isle. There are new babies and there is a continuing need to hide the parentage of one of them. He is trying to resolve the issues until tragedy strikes once more.
Now, he’s fighting for his life and trying to recall his past.
His lovers and friends rally around to help him recover. Perhaps he can reclaim the life he wanted.

तक बचे हुए लोग – To The Survivors in Hindi

To The Survivors तक बचे हुए लोग in Hindi is out today. Available on Amazon, Apple and across multiple other outlets

तक बचे हुए लोग - To The Survivors in Hindi

यूरोप की सरकारों के पास संकट पर कोई स्पष्ट प्रतिक्रिया नहीं थी क्योंकि किसी को भी इसका कारण नहीं पता था या यह कैसे फैला था। 1348 में, प्लेग इतनी तेजी से फैला कि इससे पहले कि किसी भी चिकित्सक या सरकारी अधिकारियों को इसकी उत्पत्ति पर विचार करने का समय मिलता, लगभग एक तिहाई यूरोपीय आबादी पहले ही नष्ट हो चुकी थी। भीड़-भाड़ वाले शहरों में, पचास प्रतिशत से अधिक आबादी का मरना असामान्य नहीं था। पृथक क्षेत्रों में रहने वाले यूरोपीय लोगों को कम नुकसान उठाना पड़ा, और मठों और पुजारियों को विशेष रूप से अधिक नुकसान हुआ क्योंकि वे ब्लैक डेथ के पीड़ितों की देखभाल करते थे।

Semblanza de Tormenta se Publica en Español – Semblance of Storms in Spanish

Semblanza de Tormenta se publica en Español traducido por Rocio Lizardo. Ahora disponible como libro electrónico en Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Google, Libro,

Semblanza de Tormenta Semblance Spanish

Semblanza de Tormenta – Descripción

Todo lo que sus editores exigen es escribir un cuarto libro, no como el fracaso que fue el tercero. Sus dos primeros libros exitosos le dieron fama, algo de fortuna y disputas con su padre, un enfermo terminal. Quiere que su hijo le ayude con su media hermana. Si tan solo su madrastra no le diera mensajes confusos sobre lo que quiere el podría…

Un amigo de la familia y abogado lo ayudarán, como siempre lo ha hecho, pero también hay secretos en su pasado. 

Su nuevo libro será una historia de chico que conoce a una chica en su habitual estilo elaborado y descriptivo. Su agente quiere que lo produzca pronto porque tiene sus propias presiones por parte de sus nuevos inversores. Quizás haya que negociar un acuerdo cinematográfico. El nuevo inversor está representado por una mujer atractiva que tiene mala fama por otros motivos. 
Su editora quiere que él termine el libro para poder evitar que su compañía le pida que le devuelva el anticipo. Ella espera que haya escrito algo tan bueno como su primer libro publicado. Él también lo hace. Necesita concentrarse en escribir este libro y no en redactar nada más. 

 Viejos amores, deseos perdidos y posibles nuevas relaciones siguen distrayéndolo. El estilo de vida tranquila en la playa lo distrae, al igual que los posteriores visitantes a la pandemia. 
Justo cuando empieza a avanzar en los últimos capítulos un huracán se acerca a su casa en Carolina del Norte. Si va a visitar a su padre, es posible que le aguarde otra tormenta en Houston. Su vecino y esa familia añaden más complicaciones y secretos que deben ocultarse o evitarse, especialmente del FBI. 

Otros Libros en Español

Otras traducciones al español de mis libros se pueden encontrar aquí

Take Four is Published on Kindle

Take Four is a novella in a contemporary timescale. Available on the Kindle platform at Amazon in the UK and worldwide

Take Four

Mark King is a songwriter who secretly wrote a huge hit for the artist Louise Kline. She is a successful singer who claims to write her own material. Her half-brother Joel Kline helps to run a record company. He allowed the falsehood to continue. Meanwhile, Joel chases wannabe pop stars and takes out escorts. One escort, Tamsin, meets Mark and there is a mutual attraction.
Inspiration for songs for Mark comes from the events around him and the people he meets. He likes Tamsin. He longs for Louise.
Following an attack by her current boyfriend, Louise is thrust further into the media spotlight.
Each protagonist tells their part of the story in this contemporary romance set in the music industry.

Other Short Stories

Take Four joins Landscape and Not Too Much in my list of novellas.

Facebook Joy (Not)


I’ve been trying to sort out and attain some Facebook joy by linking my posts etc to my account. I’ve now discovered I have 3 accounts all of which i can see but I can’t seem to get rid of two. I don’t really do Facebook and there is little joy in it.

Facebook Joy – Ads

I have tried to run ads for books particularly promoting my audio books. Meta took >$100 in fees and I received not a single sale or click in return. Apparently, I need to refine my user base on Facebook itself first. Hence my joy (not) at trying to reset my accounts.

Anyway onwards and upwards, as they say. I’ll persist and even this post is an attempt to check reposts to Facebook and other social media work. Never had the issue with Twitter – I know I’m supposed to call it X – @philip_g_henley

I’m probably doing something wrong – the question is…

Is Facebook worth the hassle?

At the moment the answer is no…

Sails in Audio Book Format

Sails, in Audio Book Format is now available narrated by Kevin Redson. This is the third part in the Sailing Clear series. The audio book can be found on Audible UK, Audible USA, Amazon and Apple iTunes.

Sails ACX Cover

Audio Retail Sample

Sails Retail Audio Sample Narrated by Kevin Redson

Despite the declared end of the pandemic, there are still threats to the UK, particularly from Russia. Friends from across the Atlantic who like to meddle, continue to track and follow the shadowy financing team supporting the UK’s security services. The USA assured the UK that they would not. Disparate agencies in the USA have different agendas.

Michelle and Hugh Turnbill have married. They still manage MI5 and MI6’s clandestine funds. The couple occasionally sail around the Greek Islands with the Harper sisters or stay at their new house in Mykonos. They desire a normal life but are aware that caution must still be exercised, and complacency avoided. A Treasury probe investigating missing funds puts their way of life and lives in danger.

An unhappy assistant in the Treasury leaks information to someone who appears to be a journalist but he is actually sending the reports to Russia. He leaks a very secret report. The Russian security services launch an urgent investigation and they may well take more direct action. The investigation discovers names and some photos. Information previously covered up by a Russian general.

MI6 needs to protect the system, but some UK elements still want more control. Kathrine commences an operation to protect them. One of her old assets needs to escape Russia.

Russian forces are closing in and are keeping an eye on the Treasury. MI5 is keeping an eye on them in an effort to identify the source of the Russian information. The finance team needs to dodge all the other teams trying to take control of them and the money.

Sails and Other Audio Books

All my audio books can be found here

An Agent’s Rise in Audio Format

An Agent’s Rise is now available in audio format narrated by Stephen H. Marsden. This is Part Two of The Demise Trilogy which Stephen is also narrating. It is now available on Audible USA, Audible UK, Amazon and Apple

An Agent's Rise Audio

An Agent’s Rise Audio Retail Sample

An Agent’s Rise Narrated by Stephen H. Marsden RS

The Demise operation was shut down the killer allowed to disappear. But the conspirators have not all been caught. The efforts of MI6 and the CIA to cover up the dirty deeds of the security services only results in more deaths and destruction. Slater returns to tidy up, but how can he reconcile his new life with what he is asked to do.

What happens to Jess and Michael? Will the newly promoted Detective Chief Inspector Hooper really allow the suspected killer to go free?

Can the authorities continue to cover up the plot to alter the Iraqi Dossiers on both sides of the Atlantic?

Can the killer stop killing?

An Agent’s Rise and Other Audio Books

All my audio books can be found here