The Books of Philip G Henley

The books of Philip G Henley published by Phenweb Publishing . For work in progress please see coming soon

Demise An Agent’s DemiseJan 2013LinkYes None
Survivors To The SurvivorsJun 2013Link NoSpanish
Persuasive Cover The Persuasive ManMar 2014LinkIn Production None
Rise An Agent’s RiseJul 2014Link No None
Fives Cover World Of FivesJul 2014Link NoSpanish
Landscape LandscapeMar 2015Link NoPortuguese
Intervention InterventionJan 2016Link NoPortuguese
Prize Cover An Agent’s PrizeApr 2016Link No None
Trilogy The Demise TrilogyApr 2016Link No None
Sailing Cover Sailing ClearFeb 2017Link NoPortuguese
Too Much Not Too MuchDec 2017Link No None
Counter CounterOct 2019Link NoPortuguese

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