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Updated Coming Soon as of March 2024

Books that are coming soon! He says hopefully with work in progress status. Please also see details on Translations and Audio Books, for activity in these areas. A lot of activity on audio books at the moment with nearly all my published books out in Audio version.

The progress or lack of it varies dependent on mood, and available time. As you can see, I have multiple works in progress (WIPs) at anytime. This is due to my writing method, as well as inspiration or lack of that.

Sailor Knot

The fourth part of the Sailing Clear Series – More progress

Last Cruise

A story about a crusie


A follow up to Counter – first chapters completed


A time travel sci-fi – 75% complete

The Harvest Girl

A short story which is almost finished

Coming Soon – Older with little progress

The Observers Part 3

60% complete for first draft – No progress


A story of revolution – No progress

Almost True – Short Stories of the Past

A collection of short stories very loosely based on my own past

Two of these have been broken out as individual stories – One Harvest Girl is close to finishing

To The Survivors – Sequel

Some chapters and the sequel to To the Survivors

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