Re-Semblance is the sequel to Semblance of Storms. A novel covering more mistakes and a near tragedy. It is available on Amazon UK, Amazon USA and worldwide in paperback and Kindle formats.


Re-Semblance Description

The lies and actions have caught up with him. He’s banished from the beds of his lovers. They tell their own stories now.
The ramifications of his actions continue, even while he remains caught up in the activities of the authorities. He faces his legal and personal punishments with self-guilt.
He has a new home waiting for him on Emerald Isle. There are new babies and there is a continuing need to hide the parentage of one of them. He is trying to resolve the issues until tragedy strikes once more.
Now, he’s fighting for his life and trying to recall his past.
His lovers and friends rally around to help him recover. Perhaps he can reclaim the life he wanted.

Re-SemblanceRe-Semblance1 Mar 2024Amazon
Re-Semblance Audio ACX CoverIn ProductionIn Production

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