Home Wind Power – The EV Experience

As part of the discussions and alternatives for the EV Experience, we have also considered adding home wind power to the set up.

This seems to be an emerging technology excluding the ancient windmills. These were used primarily for grinding or as water irrigation pumps. We may all be familiar with the land or sea based wind turbines generating megawatts and with their own controversies, but what about home wind power for electrical generation?

Home Wind Systems

There seems to be a wide variety but little progress. A bit like heat pumps. Many batteries have the ability to take multiple feeds including combining solar and wind. I’m not going to go into all the pros and cons for home wind power. Try https://www.ovoenergy.com/guides/energy-guides/home-wind-turbines-pros-cons-and-how-much-they-cost this simple guide to the types.

More Modern Home Wind Turbines

Another form is also gaining traction claiming silent design and 1.5kw/h from 5m per sec wind speed. Shown below is the Liam F1 for approx £3,500

Home Wind – Speed and Height

To get the alleged performance require the turbine to be at height (normally at least two-storey roof top and the site to have sustained wind speed of 5m per sec which is just over 11 Mph. To match our solar system >3kw/h we would need 3 of these. Alternate turbine based bladed systems can generate much more, especially if they are higher or on a windier site. Some home systems can easily reach 10kw/h. These are big i.e. you need a field and are pole mounted.

Home Wind Systems

Systems like this one on Amazon claim to be 8 to 9000 watt but actually generate 600 watts maximum output with no actual specification on kw/h. They also weigh a lot >150kg so roof needs to be strong enough.

This site is offering a complete system of solar, roof mount wind and battery for those staring from scratch giving an 8.4kw/h battery backed up system and 4 x 400w panels. Reading specifications some turbines are not compatible with Lithium Iron batteries.

WInd system

Home Wind Verdict

Not sure we are in the right position or that the neater turbines are ready yet. If you have a field or an exposed home garden then it looks a good add on into a battery system. We still have the problem of no wind or sun days.

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