An Agent’s Rise

An Agent’s Rise is the second part of the Demise Trilogy after An Agent’s Demise and before An Agent’s Prize


An Agent’s Rise

An Agent's Rise

An Agent’s Rise is the sequel to An Agent’s Demise

The Demise operation was shut down the killer allowed to disappear. But the conspirators have not all been caught and the efforts of MI6 and the CIA to cover up the dirty deeds of the security services only results in more deaths and destruction. Slater returns to tidy up, but how can he reconcile his new life with what he is asked to do.

What happens to Jess and Michael?  Will the newly promoted Detective Chief Inspector Hooper really allow the suspected killer to go free?

Can the authorities continue to cover up the plot to alter the Iraqi Dossiers on both sides of the Atlantic?

Can the killer stop killing?

Warning:  This book contains scenes of violence and sex that some readers may find disturbing

The book is also available from Amazon in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada and selected other Amazon sites.

An Agent's Rise Publishing

RiseAn Agent’s RiseJul 2014AmazonAudible USA
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Rise PortugueseAscensão De Um AgenteJune 2022AmazonPortuguese
Rebeca Rodrigues Vargas e Souza

Part One of the Demise Trilogy – An Agent’s Demise – How the conspiracy started and recruited its black asset.

Part Three of the Demise Trilogy – An Agent’s Prize – The conclusion to the trilogy. Terrorism threatens and the asset hunts the perpatrators

The Demise trilogy in one volume – The Demise Trilogy – All three books in one volume in Kindle and Paperback

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