Unpublish Semblance

After much deliberation I have decided to unpublish Semblance of Storms. Initial feedback has led me to believe that the book needs some major reorganisation and probably slimming down.

Activity to remove it from various platforms will be ongoing

The book will return when I have completed this task. Any questions please contact me via feedback or comment.

Sail Chains Countdown

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Sail Chains is on a Kindle Countdown deal from today until 19th November

Sail Chains Cover

Captain Tom Larring barely escaped alive from a mission in Afghanistan. He now has another task. Effi Miani has been undercover in the Middle east but is needed for the same operation. Together they must find Bravo-One-One who is the highest priority target for MI6. He is believed to be building a chemical weapon in Northwest Pakistan. A previous MI6 operation has already failed. A leak or a traitor inside MI6 may have destroyed that mission, so extra precautions must be taken otherwise, this team will also fail.

Tom and Effi need a faultless back story before embarking on their mission. The operation needs financing and a cover story. The help of a former disgraced MI6 officer, Michelle Houston, and her lover, Hugh Turnbill, is sought. They successfully control the laundering of black funds for the security services whilst sailing clear of the security services. Some of the MI6 leadership wants to gain direct control of the money and the couple, despite previous agreements. They want that control regardless of the risks to the operations in Pakistan. They think they may get leverage using two former teenage runaways connected to the couple.

The hunt for whoever leaked the information continues. Suspicions are raised. The internal security team needs to prevent the traitor putting the financiers and the operation at risk. An MI5 team is on the trail of a suspicious Saudi diplomat. He may be connected to Bravo-One-One.

Closed missions should not be re-opened. The NSA and GCHQ are monitoring and tracing communications using secret programmes and techniques, but some secrets should not be shared with allies.

Sailing Clear Countdown

Sailing Clear countdown is on so get it whilst you can

Sailing Clear is on a Kindle Countdown deal from today until 12th November

Sailing Clear

Sailing Clear is a thriller about missing girls, missing money, a missing man, luxury motor yachts and the people chasing them.

An old MI6 undercover mission to prevent terrorists entering the UK via sex trafficking routes goes wrong. The undercover agent is assigned to a new role.

A man lost in the shadows manages the hidden finances of the security services but dreams of a better life sailing the Mediterranean. When he runs off he is hunted, but he may have been killed by an organised crime leader. The police are assigned to find him.

Two sisters run away to Greece escaping from the sexual abuse of their father.

The characters intersect as the hunt commences. Then, the various security services need to find options to deal with the fallout.

The undercover agent now in her new planning role, is assigned to trace the missing financier, but a corrupt cop may give them all away.