In between actually trying to write my Works in Progress, I’ve been preparing my Coming Soon Covers. Always a tricky moment trying to decide what to call a book and what the cover will look like.

Most of my books have very simple covers. One exception is the Sailing Clear series which have multiple images merged together. The most complex was the cover to Counter mainly caused by the layering of the bullet holes. Pictures of bullet holes are not real…

So here is a glimpse of what might be out next if the creative juices keep going. I reserve the right to completely change my mind etc…

The Covers

Coming Soon Cover – T.I.D Part One Lines

A new sci-fi series – time travel if you couldn’t guess.

Coming Soon T.I.D Part 1 Lines Cover

Coming Soon Cover – The Case of Declan Williams

A crime story – background is a foam party in an Ibizan nightclub. Cover doesn’t suggest crime – I know.

Coming Soon The Case of Declan Williams

Coming Soon Cover – Sailor Knot

The 4th part of the Sailing Clear series although the title and base colour will probably change. Sail-or (k)not is too complicated but otherwise some might miss the word play. See how it might fit in with the three already published in a series collection on sale. Sailing Clear

Coming Soon Sailor Knot Cover

Other Works In Progress

Other covers are in draft and may or may not make the cut, like the stories. An ongoing process of deciding what is interesting. All long before the book is published let alone a narration or translation. See Coming Soon for regular updates