Intervention in Audio Book Format

Now out, Intervention in audio book format narrated by Monica McIntyre – ACX profile here.

Available at Amazon, Audible US, Audible UK and Apple iTunes/Books

Intervention ACX
Intervention Retail Sample ACX

Intervention is the continuation of The Observer Series of Science Fiction books  for more details please visit The Interplanetary Geographic Service Home Page or see Part One – The World of Fives

The continuing story of Cathy Rodriguez – a Senior Observer in the Interplanetary Geographic Service.

Cathy is recalled from her Observer duties as she is asked to establish first contact with a new life form.

Meanwhile, the Conspiracy to prevent humans changing their non-Intervention policy continues to try and kill her. Together with Marta De Jaste, a Senior Investigator, and Tony Briggs her former jailer and security officer, they travel to the chosen planet.

On the planet Tullymeade, Karloon Niesta, a disgraced scientific observer, detects a strange anomaly. A discovery that will change his planet forever.

In deep space, two groups of survivors try and recover from their battle in orbit above the planet Freevur

The Observer Series Part One – The World of Fives

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