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I’m supposed to be something of a techie so I have just surprised myself by using a feature here on WordPress for the first time. I’m referring to using scheduled Post. Why I had not used this before is beyond me. I should have used this before to link a post which is automatically tweeted, repeated and posted around other social media.

In this case, I have used it to coincide with a book promotion starting – all done whilst I was safely tucked up in bed snoring away. I then awoke this morning to find re-tweets, new followers and so on. – Now what else can I do on WordPress that I’ve not used until now?

3 thoughts on “Using Scheduled Post

  1. There is also a plugin called calendar that shows all your post graphically on a calendar so you can see when they are scheduled to appear, fill in any blanks and adjust things you want to appear in sequence.
    In my case, I look at the blank weeks and say, “aw shucks”

    • Can’t use many of the plug-ins available as I’m on the free version keep meaning to update to full version sometime. Had that same realisation earlier this week that I had not posted for ages. Holiday and then new job in the way.

      • The full version is also free, just have to have a way to host it. I used to run a site from my computer at home, but then my wifi and router tripped over each other so I pay the 100/year and have 6 sites hosted. And room for lots more.

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