Sailing Clear is now out on Audio narrated by Johnathan Welsh

It is available at Amazon, on Audible and on Apple Books/iTunes

Sailing Clear ACX
Sailing Clear Audio Sample

Missing girls, missing money, missing man, luxury motor yachts, and the people chasing them.

An old MI6 undercover mission to prevent terrorists entering the UK via sex trafficking routes went wrong. The undercover agent is assigned to a new role. A man lost in the shadows manages the hidden finances of the security services but dreams of a better life sailing the Mediterranean. When he runs off he is hunted, but he may have been killed by an organised crime leader. The police are assigned to find him. Two sisters run away to Greece from the sexual abuse of their father. The characters intersect as the hunt commences. Then the security services need to find options to deal with the fallout. The undercover agent now in her new planning role is assigned to trace the missing financier, but a corrupt cop may give them all away.