Trump – Spot The Difference Competition

Spot the difference competition for all readers…


Hitler was democratically elected so was Trump – Hitler won 43.9% of popular vote in March 1933. Trump won 45.9% in November 2016

Hitler favoured edicts and decrees – so apparently does Trump based on evidence since inauguration – even ones that have a law for them e.g. No torture congressional law

I make no other comparison

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2 thoughts on “Trump – Spot The Difference Competition

  1. Philip, I came to you the way of Goodreads to check out your site. I must admit that I am throughly disappointed seeing this contest from an intellectual and a former service man. In fact, it is disgusting to compare those men (Hitler was not even a man–a sick dog ) not really knowing well our American politics. Uri

    • Thanks for coming over. As I state I make no other comparison other than the similarity of photos and the democratic vote. It was meant in humour.

      I could just have easily added any US president or other politician. I would add that in 1933 Hitler immediately issued edicts eventually leading to the dissolution of the German parliament and the introduction of immigration and emigration laws, the seizing of funds belonging to German Jewish people and then the territorial expansion before WWII. Given statements on walls, protectionism (cancelling of trade agreements albeit un-ratified) threats to citizens and visitors based on religion e.g. Christian Syrians OK Muslim Syrians banned (appreciate not enacted) the approval of torture – not Gestapo nail pulling but a re-start of the process. There is also the approval of extra-territorial prison camps where inmates are held without trial. legal representation etc. I’ll leave you to judge what similarities there are.

      Yes I am ex-service. I know what rules of engagement are, I also know what the Geneva convention is and the UN – I used to lecture on all of these elements to US and UK Military. When nations deliberately flout these rules then they are no different from a fascist or communist dictatorship. Guantanamo and the other sites in Iraq and elsewhere is a continuing affront to international law and US law. If they are military then the Geneva convention applies if they are civilians then they have a right to a trial. Even if military (as in Nuremberg) they have a right to be tried for war crimes. The fact that the US and its allies have allowed this disgrace to continue and the US now has a President who seems to want to extend, expand and continue the practice should be an affront to every American.

      Finally if it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck, its probably a duck. If you act like a dictator, issue edicts like a dictator… You get my drift.

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