Sunday Afternoon (Leaving Isn’t Easy)

©Philip G Henley 2006

Sitting on a Sunday afternoon; reading a book listening to a tune
Watching you make a cup of tea; it’s relaxing so soothing to me

Memories of the early morn making love before the dawn Life seems so easy.  Life seems so easy

Sunday afternoon all at ease warm quiet rooms filled with peace
It’s so easy, it’s so easy

It’s getting dark and cold outside
But I look at you with nothing to hide
Save your blushes and keep your smile
Keep your smile let me watch you for a while

Hear your breathing watch you move around
You turn and smile without a sound
Life seems so easy.  Life seems so easy

Your touch is warm your eyes are bright
But I must leave you here tonight far away where duty calls
The travelling man returns to his walls

Leaving isn’t easy.  Leaving isn’t easy

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