You remind me of the sea.  Changing moods like the tide
The size of the ocean is the distance between us
When it’s your feelings that you hide
But when you smile at me, warm and inviting like the Caribbean waters
Crystal clear like your eyes, wanting me in your warm embrace

Lying close on the beach wanting to wade in
Every touch every warm caress makes you more like a gentle sea breeze
Though your anger is like a crashing wave
Soon departed bringing a changed mood with the tide

And you remind me of palm trees
Blowing in the wind with your words rushing in
Envelope me in your cool breeze. Let me know you want me near
Sometimes I could swim across the oceans
If only you would call my name

I’d sail through hurricanes for you
If only you would call my name
And the palm tree’s cool shade shields me from the danger of the sun
Like your love protecting me from wrong
I’d lay beside you all day, if only I could stay
Besides my ocean
Beside you

©Philip G Henley 1985